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Jon Lajoie

I got a chance to talk with Jon Lajoie of FX’s “The League” and uber YouTube stardom. A guy who nailed the DIY aspect of how to make it. He didn’t do it by figuring out all the marketing tricks as much as he backed it up with an ability to be consistently hilarious. 

I absolutely love “The League”. It’s the show that I laugh the loudest to and it has yet to let me down so this was a treat for me. Probably the interview I was the most nervous in but Jon is such an easy going guy that the nerves faded pretty quick. 

Interview w/ Linus Omark

This audio is from an interview I had with Linus Omark on November 4th, after the OKC Barons practice in Abbotsford. Quotes from this interview [specifically: “I want to play (in the) NHL and if no one lets me do that then I’m going to go to Europe,”] ended up in the Edmonton Journal, PuckDaddy, The Hockey News, Vancouver Sun among others.

An exasperated yet Linus Omark speaking candidly. In fairness to Omark his words are driven by his passion to play the game at the top level and that is a drive any GM would be happy to see from a player. My takes is that Omark will do whatever it takes to get back to the NHL no matter what team it is with. He is happy to be an Oiler and wants to feel accepted as a part of the time but for now he feels like an outsider and not an important part of the team.